Southern Colorado Livestock Auction


Market Reports for Sales 

Please note:  Market reports are a sample of the animals sold, not all animals are listed due to space limitations.

Checks are available for pick up Thursday (sale day) and Friday.  We mail any remaining checks Monday.


June 6th 2014.pdf June 6th 2014.pdf
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Type : pdf
June 12th 2014.pdf June 12th 2014.pdf
Size : 368.878 Kb
Type : pdf
June 19th 2014.pdf June 19th 2014.pdf
Size : 370.381 Kb
Type : pdf
June 26th 2014.pdf June 26th 2014.pdf
Size : 369.729 Kb
Type : pdf
July 10th 2014.pdf July 10th 2014.pdf
Size : 371.727 Kb
Type : pdf
July 17th 2014.pdf July 17th 2014.pdf
Size : 369.232 Kb
Type : pdf
July 24th 2014.pdf July 24th 2014.pdf
Size : 371.678 Kb
Type : pdf
August 7th 2014.pdf August 7th 2014.pdf
Size : 369.966 Kb
Type : pdf
Aug 14 2014.pdf Aug 14 2014.pdf
Size : 374.599 Kb
Type : pdf
August 21st 2014.pdf August 21st 2014.pdf
Size : 373.123 Kb
Type : pdf